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Chevrolet Performance rolls out 2013 catalog with a lot of Camaro parts No comments yet

Chevrolet Performance recently released its 2013 catalog that features components to upgrade the COPO, 1LE, and the Camaro.

chevrolet-performance-camaro-partsThe program for the 2013 COPO gives owners an option to get high-performance elements for production parts. This includes assemblies for the three engines. The LSX376-B15 can support as much as 1,000 horsepower due to its all-forged assembly that is very durable. This crate engine also provides a 15-pound boost. The other option is the LSX376-B8 tagged as a more economical upgrade that still gives and additional 8 pounds.

Lovers of the Camaro 1LE can get a suspension kit with bigger stabilizer bars and a strut tower brace that makes the chassis more stiff. Chevrolet Performance also equips it with a custom PCV valve to ensure excellent oil operation and oil drain-back during aggressive cornering.

The ZL1 owners have a good number of options ranging from upgrades like racing-style rotors and rear driveline setup that is equipped with strong axles and limited-slip differential. They can also get a bigger volume fuel pump, air-filter element with low-restriction, and a short-throw shifter.

You can visit the website of Chevrolet Performance to know get more information about these parts.

Video: John Hennesey rides a 700HP Camaro ZL1 No comments yet

If you are hunting for mean muscle cars that can really go fast, as in seriously fast, then you have to go for the 2013 Camaro ZL1 by Chevrolet or the new Ford Shelby GT 500. Right from the floor of the showroom, the stock ZL1 can give you 580 horses and is really good enough to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less that 4 seconds.

While the untweaked Camaro ZL1 is really fast, it is not good enough for some people. In situations like this tuners like John Hennessey comes in. His team at Hennessey Performance Engineering, better known as HPE, has an HPE700 package for the Camaro ZL1 that can up the ante to 707 horses. And that is still the conservative figure. This is enough to chop a blink from your 0 to 60 sprint.

The figures are treated as conservative output since the car in the video registered 490hp when tested on the dyno. This actually reveals a driveline loss of around 16%. After working with the car, HPE was able to make the engine churn out 671 horses.

In order to get these results, HPE tweaked the cylinder heads, camshaft, headers and catalysts, air intake, and retuned the ZL1′s ECU.

Notice the sound of the Camaro ZL1 in the video. It sure will be nice to have some figures for a quarter mile run. But we understand why Hennessey dared not to try a dare devil run, it’s a customer’s ride.

Chevrolet drops the CD Player on 2013 Spark No comments yet

The Spakr is Chevrolet’s first postmodern offering of the brand without a CD player. The designers dropped the CD player after a two decade reign on the dashboard. This move signals the end of an era. It seems that the CD will end up like the cassette players of the old.

The move is also necessary update to keep up with the times and to attract consumers who are more used to the internet and USBs. Chevrolet clarifies though that it is not much about eliminating the CD player but just providing the technology and connectivity that will tickle the interest of buyers.

The younger generation and current target buyers of the Chevrolet Spark is a generation known to be attached to their mobile devices and treats their gadgets as a necessity. The new setup will allow access to music and other apps that they are interested in.

Instead of installing two devices, Chevrolet gets rid of the CD player to keep down the cost on all models . The starting price of the Spark is just $12,995.

The 1LT and the 2LT versions will carry the MyLink infotainment setup that will have a seven-inch touchscreen, a satellite radio 3-month trial, streaming audio via Bluetooth, and ability to enjoy music via an internet service.

The Chevrolet Spark is set to hit dealerships by August.

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Chevrolet confirms 2013 Camaro to come with 1LE package inspired by ZL1 No comments yet

chevrolet-camaroChevrolet wants to offers its consumers better products and better driving experience as it announces that the 2013 MY of the Camaro will come with a 1LE package which adds performance elements inspired by top of the line Camaro ZL1.

The 1LE package is aimed at the street racing consumers with the possibility of improving their SS coupe that has a 6-speed manual gearbox. The 1LE Camaros though drops the standard SS Tremec TR6060-M10 for the better TR6060-MM6 which has a 3.91 drive ratio.

Chevrolet also improves handling by replacing the standard dampers with a monotube setup which according to their engineers will make the control better while making sure the ride is comfortable. They also add to the equation bigger stabilizer bars, improved rear end strength, a higher capacity fuel pump from the ZL1, and a strut tower brace. The new Camaro will also have an option for a dual exhaust system.

The improvements does not add to the 426 horsepower of the Camaro SS but the car manufacturer claims that the car will be able to pull a 1g while negotiating corners.

The designers gives the 1LE package a matte-black finish for its hood, a rear spoiler, a front splitter, and a 10-spoke alloy rim to set it apart from the rest of the lineup.

The inside of the 1LE is very similar to the ZL1 as it borrows the flat-bottom steering wheel and its shift knob. The 2013 Camaro 1LE will also have a MyLink infotainment system just like on the Camaro ZL1, SS, and LT.

The 1LE gets the best elements of the ZL1 and the Camaro SS which takes the performance of the car to different ball game. The VIR laptime of the 1LE is in the 3-minute level which puts it at par with the top notch performance cars.

The official pricing of the Camaro 1LE has not yet been announced but Chevrolet hints that it will be less than $40,000 which makes it very affordable in its segment.

2013 Corvette: Chevrolet releases 427 Convertible and 60th Anniversary Package No comments yet

New for 2013, the Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible Collector EYou might not able to see the bow-tie badge when the 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible zooms pass you on the road. It is the fastest convertible ever with a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration achieved in just 3.8 seconds. Plus it has the old, big, and mean LS7 V8 under its hood. It can also confidently say that it has a better power-weight ration than the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Before the revelation, the closes thing you can ever get to a Z06 convertible is to have the Grand Sport Convertible which on final analysis lacks the powerful 427 cu. in. of the Z06.

Now Chevrolet makes use of the C6 body, installs that powerful heart in the engine bay and a whole lot of go-fast components to make the 427. The setup consists of a 505 hp lS7 linked to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The Magnetic Selective Ride Control plus a battery mounted on the rear comes standard with the Z06 rear axle and driveline.

The 427 will roll on 19 and 20 inch cup rims hugged by Michelin PS2s. Z06 lovers will be able to spot the fenders and hood made from carbon fiber.

Top speed is expected to hit more than 190 miles per hour.

Corvette will also have its 60th Anniversary Package. You can purchase your Corvette this yaer and you will able to ask for a special finishing that comes with an exterior of Arctic White and Blue Diamond leather and suede inside. The special edition also gives you ZR1-like spoiler, a ton of logos and badging, and racing stripes.

You can also get this option if you are getting a 427 Convertible. A unit of which will be auctioned later this month for the benefit of the a charity foundation aiming to ease hunger in poverty stricken countries.

GM Korea rolls out 2012 Chevrolet Malibu No comments yet

It may not be the biggest market of the 2012 Chevrolet Malibu but South Korea is the first country to get the new midsize sedan of Chevrolet. Recently, the first units of the 2012 Malibu rolled out of the Bupyeong factory of General Motors in Incheon.

Mike Arcamone, President and CEO of GM Korea spoke before the employees of the factory in celebrating the coming of the 2012 Malibu. He said that the Chevrolet Malibu is the most important vehicle introduction for the company this year, and that it will play a vital role in achieving their goals and will contribute on how GM Korea will play a big role for Chevrolet in the next century of the car manufacturer.

Korea’s consumers can expect the 2012 Malibu to hit showrooms by next month. Consumers can choose from variants of 4-cylinder engines running on petrol. One will be the 2.0L powerplant that can produce 141 horsepower while the other will get its power from a 2.4L engine that gives out 178 horsepower.

The European market and consumers in North America will be able to get the 2012 Malibu by spring of 2012.

Meanwhile Chevrolet confirmed that the coupe version of the new Malibu is not getting a green light for production. The idea of a coupe started as a rendering that floated around the web, and reports suggested that it can be a possibility.

The Chevrolet Malibu was introduced during the New York Auto Show. The car will be sold globally covering markets in one hundred countries.

GM plans to make a new Chevrolet midsize truck for consumers in Europe No comments yet

A new Chevrolet midsize truck is on the pipeline of General Motors in their factory in Thailand. The units will be sent to Europe and to some countries in Southeast Asia. This strategy forms part of the plan to beef up their operations in these pickup regional markets.

GM executives reveal to the press that the company aims for 100,000 units of this new truck for its first year with productions taking place mainly in Brazil and Thailand. The production in Thailand also helps GM keep the prices of the vehicles down in the region. Brazil is another ideal center for the demand for midsize trucks.

The demand for vehicles domestically and abroad is on the rise as economies of different countries start to recover with GM and other car makers like Nissan and Honda increasing their productions for the year. The production in Thailnad for these carmakers has doubled from January through May.

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Corvette Grand Sport: GeigerCars give Consumers an Alternative to ZR1 No comments yet

If you’re in Europe and you’ve been dying to get your hands on a Corvette ZR1, you may be in for quite a challenge. Shortage of the model’s demand is reported today. It might not be able to meet the European demand. No worries, GeigerCars came up with a solution. After all, they’re not nicknamed the “German tuner of American Iron” for nothing. The company tinkered with the Corvette Grand Sport and was able to boost it up to near-ZR1 levels.

First of all, GeigerCars installed a 6.2L V8 engine on the Grand Sport. This boosted the car’s power from 430HP to a tantalizing 588HP on the tracks. This definitely made it possible for Gieger GS to hit the 60-mark in less than 4 seconds. It might not be quite as fast or powerful as the ZR1 supercar, but 639 horsepower and a 3.3 sprint are certainly figures worth boasting about.

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New Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to have limited edition carbon model No comments yet

When Corvette released the Z06 in 2006, they gave consumers a bridge to connect with the racing world. The ZR1 even got production cars closer to racing. Tract to street tradition is further strengthened this year when Chevrolet releases the Limited Edition Corvette Z06 Carbon.

The limited edition Corvette is a celebration of 50 years of memory when the car first joined the 24-hour race in Le Mans. The new Corvette is a combo of the 7.0L V8 LS7 of the Z06 and the brake package and suspension setup of the ZR1. The peak output is still pegged at 505 horsepower.

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition

The aggressive stance of the car can be attributed to the 20 inch rear and 19 inch front wheels hugged by PS2 Michelin tires. Carbon ceramic brakes from Brembo make sure you can stop on time. The suspension employs a Magnetic Selective Ride Control. Completing the package are carbon fiber elements to accessorize the car.

Consumers who want to get mechanical upgrades can get the performance package for Z07. When you get the upgrade, you will have your 2011 Z06 pimped with all the chassis upgrades and the new wheels.

Front 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition

Another carbon package for your regular Z06 is the CFZ Z06 which will give it carbon fiber rockers, roof panel, splitter, and spoiler (by the way, word on the street is that Hertz is planning to use some of these carbon fiber items on their next-gen Corvette ZHZ Convertible). You can get these with or without the Z07 package.

The Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition upgrades will be rolling out this summer. By the way, there will only be two colors for this setup, you can get Supersonic Blue or Inferno Orange.

SEMA witnessed 5 Camaro Concepts from Chevrolet 1 comment

The recent SEMA auto show displayed great Camaro concepts. Chevrolet may have taken the spotlight as they took off the covers of five tuned Camaro showcasing the full range of medications that can be done with the car.

The Chevrolet Camaro concepts are radical but what is nice about them is that the car maker kept everything feasible and realistic so they can be seen in production units. Most of the accessories and modifications can be ordered through dealerships for installation. This move allows owners to personalize their ride with the charges rolled into the cost of the vehicle.

Jay Leno Chevrolet Camaro

Here’s the Camaro line up at SEMA:

  • Jay Leno Camaro – this one has the turborcharged version of the V-6 3.6L engine which comes standard for the LT and LS models. The force-fed engine boasts of 425 horsepower.
  • Camaro Synergy – The Synergy employs a special green paint that will be offered through a special edition by mid 2010. It also comes with a 21-inch rim, performance intake setup, and full bodykit.
  • Camaro Chroma – What will magnet you to this car are the custom graphics that emphasizes how the ride can be customized depending on your personal taste and how everything can be done through a dealer of Chevrolet.
  • Camaro Graphics and Camaro Dusk – Both cars display extensive graphic details which are aimed at getting feedback from Chevy fans for its potential production.

Jay Leno Chevrolet Camaro Concept

Chevrolet also displayed the Silverado ZR2 concept and the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport in full accessories.

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