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Chevrolet Performance rolls out 2013 catalog with a lot of Camaro parts No comments yet

Chevrolet Performance recently released its 2013 catalog that features components to upgrade the COPO, 1LE, and the Camaro.

chevrolet-performance-camaro-partsThe program for the 2013 COPO gives owners an option to get high-performance elements for production parts. This includes assemblies for the three engines. The LSX376-B15 can support as much as 1,000 horsepower due to its all-forged assembly that is very durable. This crate engine also provides a 15-pound boost. The other option is the LSX376-B8 tagged as a more economical upgrade that still gives and additional 8 pounds.

Lovers of the Camaro 1LE can get a suspension kit with bigger stabilizer bars and a strut tower brace that makes the chassis more stiff. Chevrolet Performance also equips it with a custom PCV valve to ensure excellent oil operation and oil drain-back during aggressive cornering.

The ZL1 owners have a good number of options ranging from upgrades like racing-style rotors and rear driveline setup that is equipped with strong axles and limited-slip differential. They can also get a bigger volume fuel pump, air-filter element with low-restriction, and a short-throw shifter.

You can visit the website of Chevrolet Performance to know get more information about these parts.

Chevrolet Camaro will roll out to Europe No comments yet

Small, fuel-efficient cars may be the current trend in Europe but manufacturers do not turn their heads away from a market which goes for performance vehicles. One of the hottest selling cars in America today will be crossing the waters and captivate Europe. The muscle car Chevrolet Camaro will be in European dealerships by 2010.

The details of the Camaro release in Europe have not been revealed to the public yet. The plan of bringing in the performance car to Europe has made some experts think if the Chevrolet badge will be used since it is linked to budget cars across Europe.

Chevrolet Camaro Europe

Chevrolet however reveals that they Chevrolet Camaro Interiorare planning to expand their range of products in Europe. According to insiders the American car manufacturer plans to double its European fleet by 2012.

Car industry experts are also looking into the high demand of the Chevrolet Camaro in the United States. They are worrying that there could be a supply shortage in case the Camaro will be shared with the European market.

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Hennessey Z28 Camarao with HPE550 No comments yet

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS comes packed with a power plant that can boot up to 400 or 426 horsepower depending on the transmission coupled with it.

Some people just cannot be simply satisfied and ask for more. Tuners like Hennessey Engineering based in Houston enters the picture if voids should be filled.

The auto craftsmen of Hennessey came up with the HPE550 Camaro. The formula comes into reality with the bolting of a supercharger from Magnuson/Hennessey plus a stainless Corsa exhaust system to the LS3 V8 of General Motors. The set up boosts the output of the engine to 562 horsepower with a torque of 557 lb-ft revving at 4200 rpm.

Hennessey HPE550 Camaro

The configuration done by the Hennessey team brings the Camaro from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds. The stock production version of the Camaro SS hits the mark in 5.0 seconds.

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